A Charlie Brown Christmas + iMessage Sticker Pack! App Reviews

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Very well done

Nice animation, great music, most of the original story. You cant go wrong with this app.


Adorable ! For Charlie Browns lovers!

A very nice and comemorative app!

I think even M. Schultz would have like the app. Really nice and Im glad I paid for it. Its a nice addition to the movie or hard book. Thanks!

Very good

Very good


Its such a lovely book... highly recommend it!


This app simply beautiful.


Amazing! Now Im in a xmas mood!

Very beautiful!

Lovely!so cute!


Its a lovely app. Its great for young and old people!

Christmas Spirit

A great way to get into the spirit of the season.


Brings back memories from childhood...classic Christmas story. Great app!!

Sweet and innocent

Just as I remember it the very first time when I was a child

Fun Christmas app. A great way to enjoy Charlie Brown!

Lots to do


A fun way to re-live an old classic Christmas story

Love it

Its very fun and cute!! I really like Charlie Brown and his Friends :)

Charlie Brown Christmas

My new favorite app

Loved it!

Cant say anymore.

Love this app!

love it!

Charlie Brown Christmas

Brings me back to my youth... So cute. Who doesnt love Charlie Brown??

Charlie Brown Christmas

Best Christmas present ever!!

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